About us

At Lotus Landscaper (based in Chandigarh), we provide services in the field of enhanced commercial and residential landscaping across India; in short, our brilliant team of professionals makes your property more valuable, lavish and aesthetic by creating inventive and customized masterpieces for your residential or commercial land.

Based in Chandigarh, we offer a plethora of landscaping services and solutions to our esteemed customers.

Standing with our clients at all stages of any landscaping project, be its development, implementation or management, we at Lotus Landscaping provide means for your dream landscape to turn into reality in the most structured and feasible of ways with the help of our qualified team of more than 20 personnel and a labor force of almost 200 workers. Instead of making every corner look the same, we strive to work on the comprehensive look your landscape emits.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lotus Landscaper is to not only increase the value of our customers’ properties by designing, creating and sustaining qualitatively superior landscapes but also to implement projects that people envisage in their minds for their dream house, buildings, farms or gardens. We also believe in making this experience easiest, reliable and pleasant for our clients through the top notch services we provide.

Our Vision

In the near future, we plan to continue our work towards making Lotus Landscape the finest in the industry, with aid from our clients’ trust and support. Each step at Lotus is taken to maximize the value of the investment of all individuals and companies. We envision a world where the lotus landscaper family provides the most extensive landscaping services and solutions for every person who requires it.

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