Simple gardens and plants can look dull without innovation and striking features. At Lotus Landscaper, we provide that missing spark to your property through our innovative styles, such as the green wall and vertical gardening.


You can now beautify not only your land but also your walls! To make landscapes look out of the box and as trendy as it gets, we provide services to cover your walls with nature’s bounty. Green walls are very popular with our clients because of their unconventional appeal. With Lotus landscaper, generating this appeal in your property is now convenient and affordable


The Vertical Garden Tube is one of the new and innovative means of growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers in a compact space. With the help of this tube, you can grow up to 38 plants in a space which can usually accommodate only 4! The Vertical Garden Tube can be built for commercial and domestic purposes such as in greenhouses, rooftops, kitchen gardens and interior in restaurants. This makes your space more beautiful, useful and eco-friendly and provides you with “ghar ka khaana” that one always craves for because home-grown food simply tastes better, especially when it uses minimalist space.

So, if you need beauty, health and savings, it’s time to make this investment and reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

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